RokBox is a mootools powered JavaScript slideshow that allows you to quickly and easily display multiple media formats including images, videos (video sharing services also) and music.
RokBox provides a theme system that allows you to create your own custom ones to fit your websites design. It includes two predefined themes, a Light theme and a Dark theme that will fit seamlessly into your site design. RokBox is as easy as pie to install and customize, providing an easy way to create your own custom themes for it.



  • Mootools v1.11 compatible
  • 4 Customizable Transition Type: Fade, QuickSilver, Growl, Explode.
  • Support for Images, QuickTime (.mov), Windows Media Video (.wmv), Flash (.swf), YouTube, DailyMotion, MetaCafe, Google Video, Vimeo, Audio (.mp3, .wav), local and remote sites.
  • Support for albums/categories.
  • Support for Captions including support for titles and descriptions.
  • 3 Predefined Themes provided: Light Theme, Dark Theme, Mynxx.
  • Support for custom themes with ability to customize styles and RokBox configuration per theme.


RokBox is inspired by the now famous LightBox, but with a large support for multimedia content and not only images. RokBox is written by Djamil Legato.

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