Custom Fonts

What are Custom Fonts?

Typically, a web browser can only use a font which is a web standard font such as Arial, as these fonts are installed on every Windows and Mac computer. If you wanted to use a non-standard font (Custom Font), then you would need to use a flash and/or javascript hack which is not a complete solution

How does Iridium implement Custom Fonts?

Iridium uses CSS to implement Custom Fonts. CSS has a functionality called font-face which allows you to load any font into the browser. Until very recently, the main assortment of browser have not supported this.

Which Browsers are compatible?

  • Internet Explorer 6, 7, 8: You can use font-face with IE if you use Microsoft’s propriety font format EOT.
  • Safari 3.1, 4: The latest versions of Safari have support for the TTF and OTF font formats.
  • Firefox 3.5: The version of Firefox has TTF and OTF font-face compatibility.

Therefore, all the major browsers are supported by this feature.

Unfortunately, Opera 9.6 and Chrome are not compatible with font-face, although Opera 10 will be.

How do I use my own font?

For instructions on how to implement your own custom font into the Iridium template, please visit our forum tutorial on the subject.

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